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Social Justice for Afro-Colombians in Buenaventura, Colombia 



Globalmother.org actively supports, witnesses, and advocates for the strengthening of infrastructure projects that promote the health, education, and welfare of the Afro-Colombian community of Buenaventura.


Colombia’s Afro-Colombian population has suffered a history of socio-economic exclusion, marginalization and displacement. A legacy of slavery has extended over generations exacerbated by Colombian’s trajectory of violence perpetrated by paramilitaries, guerrillas, government armed forces, international business conglomerates, and other actors all vying for political control of both legal (mining excavation) and illegal (cocaine) resources.

In the Field

The ongoing violence has displaced over five million Colombians from their homes, making Colombia a country of the second largest population of displaced people in the world. Afro-Colombians have suffered the brunt of this conflict and forced displacement.  While Buenaventura has one of the biggest ports in Colombia on the Pacific Coast and generates millions in tax revenue, little of this revenue has reached the Afro-Colombians who continue to struggle with poor health care, nutrition and the threat of gang violence.

Buenaventura has led all Colombian municipalities in the numbers of newly displaced persons, according to government figures. In 2013, more than 13,000 Buenaventura residents fled their homes.Today, Buenaventura of the largest number of displaced Afro-Colombians in Colombia. 

Globalmother.org stands in solidarity with the people of Chocó and Buenaventura.

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