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Support For the Barabaig Women of Eastern Tanzania



Since 2013, globalmother.org has engaged in participatory action research to examine how Barabaig women develop strategies and reforms to maintain traditional lifestyle and cultural identity. 

In the Field

We accompany women in the development and implementation of survival strategies including: 

  • Chicken Production

  • Goat Production

  • Language Conservation

  • Seed Preservation

  • Small-scale bio-intensive agriculture

  • Rainwater conservation and harvesting


The Barabaig women of Eastern Tanzania face severe threats to their cultural survival and as of this report are on the verge of extinction. Enclosure of common herding lands for infrastructure development projects, private farming, private ranches, conservation wild life parks, and global exports have placed undue hardship on their ecological environment and its ecosystems.


These external forces have directly impacted traditional survival strategies of Barabaig women, rendering them exceptionally vulnerable in terms of food and water insecurity. 

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