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Chicken & Goat Production



Globalmother.org supports place-based chicken production and accompanies indigenous mothers to implement and sustain an ecological framework to reduce vulnerability through agri-pastoral adaption measures. 


Chicken Production has proven to be a vital activity in the maintenance of sustainable and traditional livelihoods throughout the Americas. Poultry-raising in indigenous transhumant society and agri-pastoral societies has proven to be an effective sustainable subsistence strategy for single mothers with children. This is particularly true when societies are suffering from food and water insecurity or forced into settlements in Villagization programs.

In the Field


We have accompanied women in Andahuaylas, Peru, the Bosuto Plains of Tanzania, and Shanshul, Guatemala to engage in chicken production practices. In these locations, we engage in participatory action research, which hopes to provide a “living” indigenous model for re-visioning relationships between humanity and nature.

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