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Clean Water is a Human Right



Since 2013, globalmother.org has actively engaged in the delivery of water filters and the construction of rainwater hafirs in Nicaragua, the Philippines, Tanzania, and Mexico.

In the Field

We have witnessed village after village in Tanzania, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines, being robbed of its lifeline, its sources of drinking water. The number of villages and communities facing water famine is in direct proportion to the number of transnational land-grabbing and resource grabbing schemes in the impacted areas. 

In the Barabaig world, women face the heavy burden of labor and bear the brunt of responsibility, for not only traditional domestic responsibilities, including child-care, walking two hour distances for water collecting, food acquisition and preparation, but other agricultural tasks including wood collection and environmental management.

Amongst the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico, women face a daily 20-hour workload of laundry, cooking, and hauling water from water sources three hours away. In Nicaragua, one third of the country lacks access to clean water and over 100 children die each year from diseases resulting from unsafe water and poor sanitation. In the Philippines, eight million people lack access to clean water sources and mothers spend significant time and energy collecting water. 



663 million people suffer from water insecurity. This amounts to 1 in 10 people across the globe. The majority of people suffering from water insecurity live in rural areas of the Global South and the burden of collecting water almost always lies with mothers and daughters. In Tanzania and other parts of Sub-Sahara Africa, women are responsible for 72 % of the water collected and spend 40 billion hours a year walking to and from water resources. 

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