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Food and Health Security for Mothers and Children in Chinandega Dump Yards



Globalmother.org supports the implementation of place-based food and sanitation delivery to families in Nicaragua’s Chinandega Dump Yards suffering from food insecurity and poor sanitation conditions. 



48% of Nicaragua’s 6,000,000 population lives below the poverty line; eighty percent of its population lives on less than two dollars a day with more than half of the population lacking access to basic sanitation and medical care. Nicaragua is ranked second to Haiti as one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. After Hurricane Mitch in 1998, massive flooding left many people without basic shelter.  In addition, damaged buildings, schools, hospitals and roads have still been left unrepaired. Children in Chinendega have used garbage from the devastation to forge their own community on top of trash heaps—hence the name Children of the Chinandega Dump Yard.

In the Field


We have participated in food delivery in Nicaragua’s Chinandega Dump Yards by providing food, tooth-brushes, and other hygienic items to its children. 

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